Indistar Plans

Indistar (formerly ACSIP)

Indistar® is a web-based system implemented by a state education agency, district, or charter school organization for use with district and/or school improvement teams to inform, coach, sustain, track, and report improvement activities.

To view current Indistar Data, go to and use the following usernames and passwords.

Lakeside School District

username: guestDAR467

password: guestdar467

Lakeside High School

username: guestAR822

password: guestAR822

Lakeside Middle School

username: guestSAR2251

password: guestSAR2251

Lakeside Elementary School

username: guestAR921

password: guestAR921

Eudora Elementary School

username: guestSAR1514

password: guestSAR1514