The following information explains what to do when your district needs a sub in an emergency situation. Under any regular circumstance, when you have a planned absence, you should notify your principal and they should obtain a substitute for you.

Once a sub has been requested, our call center will fill that request as quickly as possible.

1. Call 1-800-641-0140 or email

2. Give call center employee the following information:

• Name of Caller

• School District and Building; i.e. Lakeside Lake Village High School

• Teacher's First and Last name

• Date of absence

• Length of absence (whole day, half am, half pm)

• Reason for absence (sick, personal, etc.)

• Any duties or special instructions for the substitute

• Substitute requested (if any)

3. The live call center is open from 6:00am to 4:00pm. If you call before or after this time you can leave a message. When leaving a message, please leave all of the above listed information. Be sure to spell the last name and be specific on the date when you need the sub.


NOTE: School administrators have access to our system online. This allows viewing of your daily report. If you have questions,please call 1-800-641-0140.