STEM Director

The Lakeside School District is accepting applications for the position of STEM Director for the 2021-2022 School Year.

Please send a copy of your resume or application to Dr. Billy Adams, Superintendent, at .

STEM Center Director

STEM schools serve as an additional school model to offer a pathway for students to be better prepared for college, career and life. Progressively, more jobs across various fields and levels will require some knowledge of STEM.

The STEM Director will be expected to enrich and support classroom teachers in the incorporation of cooperative learning strategies, authentic assessments, technology integration, and problem-based learning into lesson and unit plans.

Role Description

The STEM School Program Director’s role provides a unique opportunity to create a new STEM program. The STEM Center Director will build and manage the execution of key program elements of the program model.

The director will cultivate and support crucial relationships with teachers and industry partners. The director works in conjunction with the school administration, industry partners, teaching staff, and central office staff to provide a robust set of experiences for students that result in students graduating high school with early college credits, an increased interest in STEM-related fields, and workplace skills for employability and success in a STEM career.

The STEM Program Director is based at the school and acts as a member of the school’s leadership team. This is a 52-week position.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities

STEM Enrichment and Community Engagement

  • Engage existing partners and seek out new partners to provide a robust set of STEM, career, and college learning opportunities for students.

  • Support development and implementation of engaging STEM related enrichment; support student recruitment and work to increase interest and experience in STEM fields through enrichment.

  • Promote STEM awareness and engagement through targeted partnerships and activities (e.g. STEM Exploration Family Nights, Robotics, etc.) that enhance academic achievement across the curriculum, specifically in literacy, math and science.

  • Act as a school and STEM program ambassador during school visits and recruitment events.

  • Any other duties as assigned.

In order to be successful and achieve the above responsibilities, the STEM Program Director must possess the following qualifications:

Education and Experience

  • Masters degree and a minimum of five years of project/program management experience.

  • Experience with/understanding of STEM landscape

Curriculum Support and Development

  • Collaborate with teachers and teacher teams in curriculum development to plan problem based units, performance assessments, opportunities for authentic technology integration, and meaningful cross-curricular connections.

  • Coordinate the development and execution of design challenges or interdisciplinary units and performance tasks.

  • Participate in grade-level and department meetings to coordinate curricular projects and provide targeted support towards STEM instructional approaches.

  • Facilitate involvement of external partners in classrooms across the curriculum (i.e., authentic experiences, audiences, and assessments)

  • Support non-STEM subject teachers in understanding and infusing STEM-related experiences, NGSS and CCSS practices, and the Engineering Design Cycle in meaningful and appropriate ways.

  • Provide engaging STEM related enrichment to increase interest, experience, nad develop STEM habits of mind. (e.g., robotics, science club, etc.)

  • Promote STEM awareness and engagement through targeted partnerships and activities (STEM Exploration Nights, Student Competitions, etc.) that enhance academic achievement across the curriculum.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Demonstrate ability to resolve issues and conflicts within the project team and manage project dependencies and critical paths.

  • Ability to collaborate and communicate with school leadership , universities, partners, and other key stakeholders to facilitate successful implementation and execution of projects and initiatives.

  • Ability to create and use robust data sets to inform planning, execution, and drive for result.

  • Ability to prioritize, manage, and drive success on multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Demonstrated excellence in interpersonal skills which include both oral and written communication.

  • Predisposition to be proactive and a self-starter; comfort with ambiguity and ability to troubleshoot and to devise targeted, and hoc solutions.

  • Willingness to complete additional tasks assigned by the administration.

  • Evident passion for and commitment to serving students.

  • Availability for occasional evening and weekend commitments.