2013-2014 ARCHIVE

District-wide Budget Report for ALE (State-275)
Arkansas Department of EducationALE (State-275) - District Budget
Revenue Code: 32370School District: LAKESIDE SCHOOL DISTRICT
Source: 275LEA Number: 903000
ALE (State-275)(61000)
Employee Salaries
Employee Benefits
Purchased Services
Materials & Supplies
Capital Outlay
Other Objects
1950 Alternative Learning Env.19326852183----245451
2113 Social Work----0
2120 Guidance----0
2130 Health----0
2140 Psychological Services----0
2170 Parent Involvement----0
2180 School Based Mental Health----0
2210 Improvement of Instruction----0
2212 Instructional & Curriculum Development----0
2213 Instructional Staff Training--n/a-0
2220 Library/Media Services----0
2230 Instruction-Related Technology----0
2410 Office of the Principal----0
2540 Planning, Research, Dev. & Eval. Serv.----0
2560 Public Information Services----0
2600 Operation & Maintenance----0
2700 Pupil Transportation--n/a-0
3100 Food Services----0
Total Allocated19326852183245451
Total Direct Cost Budgeted19326852183245451

Balance Sheet

Funds Available
Net Cash on Hand$0.00
Annual Allotment$88,855.00
Funds Transferred Into ALE$156,596.00
Funds Transferred From ALE$0.00
Total Funds Available$245,451.00
Total Budgeted$245,451.00
Funds Held in Reserve$0.00
Total Funds Accounted For$245,451.00