June 2013 Board Minutes

Lakeside Board of Education
Regular Meeting
Staff Development Room

June 10, 2013
5:30 P.M.

The meeting was called to order by the president.  The following members were present:  Mr. Collins, Mrs. Green, Mr. Livingston, Ms. Griffin, and Mrs. Walker.  Mr. Geno Mazzanti and Mr. Williams were absent.

The minutes were approved as presented.

The superintendent gave the attendance report and Ms. Estelle discussed the financial report, proposed budget of expenditures together with tax levy for fiscal year beginning July 1, 2014 to and including June 30, 2015.  The proposed tax levy shall read “The total tax levy proposed includes 29 mills for maintenance and operation of schools, no dedicated maintenance and operation mills, and 7 mills for debt service previously voted as a continuing debt service tax pledged for retirement of existing bonded indebtedness from the Eudora School District bond issue dated 04/01/2005 to be retired on 06/01/2024.  The district may use surplus revenues produced each year by debt service millage for other purposes.  This millage reflects a transfer of 4 mills to maintenance and operation and a reduction of 3.8 mills previously pledged to bond issues dated 12/01/93 and 01/01/95 to be retired on 06/01/2015.  THIS DOES NOT REFLECT AN INCREASE IN TOTAL MILLAGE BUT A REDUCTION OF 3.8 MILLS.

A motion was made by Mrs. Walker and seconded by Ms. Griffin to approve the proposed budget for 2014-15, and proposed tax levy on the 2013 ballot.  The motion carried.

The principals discussed proposed changes to student handbooks and the assistant superintendent discussed laws and ASBA proposed policy changes to Board Governance and Operation, Administration, Licensed staff, Students, Curriculum and Instruction, Finance and Non-licensed staff policies.

A motion was made by Mrs. Green and seconded by Mrs. Walker to approve the changes to student handbooks, and and to approve ASBA proposed changes to all policies for the 2013-14 school year.  The motion carried.

A motion was made by Mrs. Walker and seconded by Mr. Collins to used Title VI and NSLA funds to purchase 611 Ipads from Apple computers for $257,507.79, 4 DVR’s, 15 MacBooks, Global Government Ed, 96 cases, headphones and carts for a total of $68,282.09.  The motion carried.

A motion was made by Mr. Collins and seconded by Ms. Griffin to accept Sharon Walker’s resignation from the Lakeside Board of Education effective 6/10/13.  The motion carried.

The president requested that the board go into executive session for the purpose of employment, appointment, promotion, demotion, discipline or resignation of personnel.  After the discussion, the public was allowed to return.

A motion was made by Mrs. Green and seconded by Ms. Griffin to approve the contracts of all summer school workers, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, and addendum to existing contracts.  The motion carried.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:40 P.M.