Gifted Student Goals

GT students are expected to become self-aware, self-understanding, independent learners who are intellectually, creatively, and academically productive, socially responsive, and prepared for future endeavors.  GT students will:

1.   Understand the concept, characteristics, and responsibilities of giftedness.

2.  Demonstrate the ability to use basic and higher level thinking skills.

3.  Demonstrate creative thinking skills.

4.  Participate in self-directed learning activities.

5.  Demonstrate effective and appropriate group interaction skills.

6.  Demonstrate effective communication and presentation skills.

7.  Develop positive self-concept and self-esteem.

8.  Demonstrate positive interpersonal skills.

9.  Apply effective methods of gathering information.

10. Develop and complete appropriate products as the result of the learning process.

11. Design and utilize evaluation techniques.

12.  Demonstrate respect for others through the acceptance of their unique interests and abilities.

13. Participate in a variety of learning experiences and environments which are enriching.