Gifted Program Outline

The G/T Program consists of the following services:

Kindergarten and first grade are serviced through whole group enrichment for a minimum of 30 minutes per week.  The GT teacher and the classroom teacher will share this responsibility.  Exemplar work and student responses are collected from these students and kept on file for long term identification.

Second grade through sixth grade are serviced through a resource room for a minimum of 150 minutes per week.  The G/T curriculum differentiates from the regular classroom curriculum while depending on knowledge of disciplines taught in the regular classroom. The G/T students are exposed to various units of study which creative and critical thinking, research, and communication skills are stressed.  

Seventh and eighth grade are serviced through Pre-AP math and/or social studies.  The G/T teacher works with the teachers to help implement differentiated projects and activities for the identified students.  

All ninth through twelfth grade students have the option of participating in Pre AP/AP classes in science, social studies, math, and language.