Gifted Information

Identification for the Gifted and Talented program consists of several stages.

Stage 1 – Referral – Students may be referred to the GT program at anytime during the year.  Referrals may come from parents, teachers, other school personnel, students, and community members.

Stage 2 – Data Collection – Data will be compiled as the GT Coordinator receives referrals.  Data collected MAY consist of current standardized test scores, non-verbal abilities test, school abilities test scores, creativity test, grades, task commitment inventories, parent rating scales, teacher rating scales, and other data deemed appropriate by the GT Coordinator.

Stage 3 – Placement – After all data is collected and compiled, the placement committee reviews and analyzes the data and makes professional decisions on the placement of students.  The placement committee is made up of a minimum of five members consisting of administrators, teachers, and/or counselors and is led by the GT Coordinator.  Student placement decisions are based upon multiple criteria.  No single criterion or cut-off score is used to include or exclude a student.  Parents and teachers will be notified of the decision to place or not to place in the GT program.  Consent to place forms will be sought of those students who are placed in the program.  

GT identification procedures are non-discriminatory with respect to race, culture, economic background, religion, national origin, sex, or handicapping condition.