Elementary Classroom Supply List

The Lakeside school supply lists are only provided as a suggestion for parents who wish to prepare early for school. Parents are encouraged to talk to their child’s teacher, before making any purchase, to find out the specific materials needed for class. The first opportunity for Elementary parents to talk to teachers will be during Parent Orientation night on August 12th for Kindergarten at 4:00pm and 1st & 2nd grades at 5:00pm and 3 – 5 grades on August 13th at 5:00pm in the Lakeside Elementary cafeteria.

 Classroom Supply List
2014 - 2015
K – 5


1                      Backpack (no wheels)

1 bx                 16 ct Crayons - Kindergarten /  (24 ct.  for 1st gr - 5th gr)

2 pkgs              #2 Pencils (24ct)

1                      Soft Pencil Pouch (no pencil boxes)

1                      Pair of Kid Scissors

3 pkg                Wide Ruled Loose Leaf  Paper   ( 2nd gr - 5th gr)         

1 pkg                Cap Erasers or 2 pink large erasers

1 pkg                Blue ink pens  (2nd grade - 5th grade)

1 pkg                Black ink pens ( 3rd grade - 5th grade)

2 each              Glue Sticks

4                      Pocket Folders w/brads

1                      1-inch 3 ring Binder

1 bxs                Kleenex

1                      Bottles of Hand Santizer

1 pkgs              Dry Erase Markers

4                      Spiral Notebooks (4th gr - 5th gr)